Campbell Works for Children

campbell works

Neighborhood Ministries provides administrative leadership for Campbell Works for Children.

Campbell Works for Children is a collaborative effort funded primarily by the Swanston Trust that provides an after-school learning program, summer day camp, individualized literacy training and other services to Campbell Elementary School students, their families and their teachers.

Seven educational, social service and religious agencies, through the administrative leadership of Neighborhood Ministries, collaborate to provide these services that benefit students from kindergarten through fourth grade.

The program’s components include:

  • An after-school learning program that provides intensive tutoring for children needing additional help with math and reading.
  • A summer day camp that provides safe, structured activities during the summer months, including a Bible study, nutrition education, literacy tutoring, field trips, sports, crafts and a meal.
  • Anti-bullying instruction for all children in third and fourth grades, improving their ability to recognize and deal with bullying.
  • A camp focused on kids with behavior issues, providing instruction and practical experiences to improve social skills and getting along in a classroom setting.
  • Family support in the form of counseling, in-home visits and advocacy to address needs and bridge the gap between home and school.
  • A community advisory group that involves parents in the educational process of their children and provides opportunities for parents to give back to their schools and communities.

Organizations collaborating in this program include:

  • Neighborhood Ministries (administrative agency)
  • Campbell Elementary School
  • Catholic Charities Regional Agency
  • Community Solutions Association
  • D& E Counseling Center
  • Eastern Ohio P-16 Partnership for Education
  • Help Hotline Crisis Center