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After School Program Is The Place To Be

Neighborhood Ministries operates 3 Community Centers, two in Youngstown, Ohio and one in Campbell, Ohio. Children come to our centers for fun and friendship. They stay because we build close relationships with them, relationships that last into adulthood. Here are a few pictures of recent happenings …

Fundraising Banquet: We Have Exciting News To Share

Neighborhood Ministries has been around since 1913. Our current programs, which include after school programming for children, family assistance for families and teen job training, have been around since the early 1970’s. For months we have been making plans on a new venture for Neighborhood Ministries which will enable us to grow and reach out

Saying Goodbye for the Right Reason

By Mark Samuel I have been with Neighborhood Ministries for 29 years and during that time I have visited many young men in prison and have gone to more funerals of young people than I care to mention. But for every sad story there are many more stories with happy endings and this is one

Did You Know That . . .

The ministries of Neighborhood Ministries are working to change lives, one person at a time. Here are some interesting facts to clarify and celebrate some of our successes. Did you know that . . . we served 75,000 meals at 28 sites in June, July and August alone in 2015? a Community Development Grant from