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Neighborhood Ministries can be contacted by mail, phone or email.

Mailing address: Neighborhood Ministries, 75 Jackson St., P.O. Box 640, Campbell, OH  44405

Phone: 330-755-8696

Fax: 330-755-8699


Mark Samuel, Executive Director –

Donna Thorpe, Office Manager –

Kim Fowler, East Side Program Director –

Lisa Scannell, West Side Program Director –

How to Find Us

Kirwan Homes Community Center

Address: 75 Jackson Street, Campbell, OH  44405

Phone: 330-755-8696

Rockford Village Community Center

Address: 1402B Dogwood Lane, Youngstown, OH  44505

Phone: 330-744-1446

West Side Community Center

Address: 304 Matta Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44509

Phone: 330-799-9382