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Saying Goodbye for the Right Reason

By Mark Samuel

I have been with Neighborhood Ministries for 29 years and during that time I have visited many young men in prison and have gone to more funerals of young people than I care to mention. But for every sad story there are many more stories with happy endings and this is one of them.

The middle of this summer we said goodbye to Keith Langford. Keith grew up in our programs, starting with the Kindergarten – 2nd grade boys club in Campbell. In his early teens he had proven himself as a responsible young man and became a teen leader. After spending time in college, he came back to the community where he grew up. An avid golfer, Keith helped establish a Neighborhood Ministries’ golf program and we hired him to work with children in our summer program, which became a year round position working with children in our after school program. On June 26 he married and his new bride was offered a position in a veterinary medicine school in California. We wish Keith and Gina well as they begin a new life in a new state.

Keith Langford (with sunglasses) with Summer Park group

Keith Langford (with sunglasses) with Summer Park group